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"Mare Nostrum"


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Release: 2015
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Hecq - Mare Nostrum CD

in august 2013 ben lukas boysen spent some time in barcelona, making audio recordings of the 9th biggest supercomputer in the world, mare nostrum. installed in a former chapel with acres of glass and steel, europe's most powerful computer is not only impressive in its performance but also in its appearance. with this album you will get a living proof of mare nostrum's audible skills, captured and processed by hecq. this release is a fascinating symbiosis of electronic soundscapes and systematic recording where samples of mare nostrum's sound are masterly integrated into four lengthy compositions. abstract pulses of a machine with sometimes even creatural sounds and atmospheric synthesized ambience result in a deep, organic opus, creating a yet unheard sonic landscape in the listeners' minds. a dense, impressive auditory adventure and one more epic milestone of hecq's ambient-oriented side. highly recommended.
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