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"Lost In The Great Sea"


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Release: 2014
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Hexperos - Lost In The Great Sea CD

Limited Edition in 6 panel-Digipak + 20 pages booklet.First orders come with full color sticker+poster!

Hexperos’ third full length album, following two sucessful albums on Equilibrium! Hexperos are widely known and respected for their Gothic and Neoclassical chamber music. The all new album offers even more: Not only we can find atmospheric and ethereal songs, heavenly voices, new classicism, neo folk and medieval recalls but, above all, this time we can perceive more than ever a strong celtic influence. The album reflects the musicians fascination for ancient times. Hexperos invite the listener to hear stories full of sublime romanticism.

Nature, Celticism and myths are ...
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Label:In The Morningside
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2.Lost In The Great Sea
3.A Wish
4.Aine’S Ballad
5.Giant’S Causeway
6.Song - She Sat And Sang Alway
7.A Sparkle Of This Mysterious Universe 08 To Autumn
8.The Traveller
9.Spring Thaw