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"The Garden of the Hesperides (+ Bonus)"


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Release: 2016
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Hexperos - The Garden of the Hesperides (+ Bonus) CD

Deluxe re-release of the famous neoclassical’s bands long deleted debut (Equilibrium 2007).

Coming in 8 Panel Deluxe-Digipak with + 4 bonus tracks + Remixed tracks & Remastered 2016

Hexperos are delighted to be celebrating their musical adventure, which began around 12 years ago, with the reissue of their first album, originally released in 2007. On this reissue Hexperos included several bonus tracks: a few singles and a couple of lullabies that were originally released as part of various prestigious compilations over the years. Hexperos have bestowed a new light upon “The Garden of the Hesperides” by improving the sound of the album through remixing and remastering. This will allow you to hear and feel the fresh and current energy in these old compositions.
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1.Walking Roots
3.The Garden Of The Hesperides
4.The Magnificence Of The Night
5.Rime Glitters In The Sun
6.He Warm Whisper Of The Wind 0
8.The Call Of The Ibis
10.Loto Nero
12.Winter Rhymes
13.Ave Maria
14.Walking Roots Ii
15.Elettra’S Lullaby
16.The Magic Mountain
17.Rime Glitters In The Sun Ii
18.The Warm Whisper Of The Wind Ii