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Release: 2015
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Heymoonshaker - Noir CD

Heymoonshaker is beatboxer Dave Crowe and singer/guitarist Andy Balcon, a British duo settled in New Zealand. Since 2012 the band is performing all around the world, their first album - 100 % homemade and sold after shows - has sold over 20.000 copies and their videos have cumulated over 10 million views on YouTube. The duo is now releasing their second album produced by Joachim Olaya, a producer and sound engineer who has collaborated with Pierre Boulez, Philippe Manoury, the Ensemble Intercontemporain, the Klangforum and the Warp label. If their music is firmly rooted in beatbox blues, the band opens up to new musical horizons such as rock or Soul music with this second album called "Noir". The addition of a string section also proves that the band is able to go beyond the pure stage performance they made a name for, and delivers a sensitive yet powerful album with international dimension. "Noir" is the result of all the encounters during their journeys around the world. Their improvisations have little by little evolved into songs which have become over time part of their key work. Dave Crowe's beatboxing now sounds like some infernal machine in the service of rhythm, making you almost forget that he actually is a human being. And Andy Balcon's voice covers a wide range of emotions, sensitive yet powerful and positive. The band will be touring as from September 2015 with already more than 160 show dates confirmed until 2016
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1.Find Myself A Home
2.Feel Love
3.Take The Reins
4.Best Of My Love
6.Streets Of England
9.Lazy Eye
10.Wheels In Motion
11.Coz I Lov U
12.Heavy Grip