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Hollywood Rose

"Roots Of Guns'N'Roses"


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Release: 2009
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Hollywood Rose - Roots Of Guns'N'Roses CD

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1.Killing Time
2.Anything Goes
4.Shadow Of Your Love
5.Reckless Life
6.Killing Time (Gilby Clarke Remix)
7.Anything Goes (Gilby Clarke Remix)
8.Rocker (Gilby Clarke Remix)
9.Shadow Of Your Love (Gilby Clarke Remix)
10.Reckless Life (Gilby Clarke Remix)
11.Killing Time (Fred Coury Remix)
12.Anything Goes (Fred Coury Remix)
13.Rocker (Fred Coury Remix)
14.Shadow Of Your Love (Fred Coury Remix)
15.Reckless Life (Fred Coury Remix)