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Psychopomps - Infection Start 90 (CD)

Limited to only 1000 units!

Empyrium - The Turn of the Tides

With their 5th album, Empyrium embark on a new creative phase.

The Klinik - The Klinik-Box

8 CDs with all album releasesrare and out-of-print tracks ...

Die Form - Rayon X

available as CD, 2CD-A5-Pack, Ltd. LP and Ltd. Wooden Box!

The Lonely Soul Experience - Path Of Blood

Neo-classical orchestral pomp from Blutengel-Mastermind!

Amphi Festival 2014 - CD

With Blutengel,Mono Inc.,Eisbrecher,Front 242,The Klinik ...

Agonoize - Apokalypse

The only real Aggro-sound from Berlin!

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