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Homicidal Feelings

"Virtue To Fice"


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Release: 2014
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Homicidal Feelings - Virtue To Fice CD

Brazilian pioneer of Dark-Electro was founded in the early 90-s . Giba Reys decided stop its activity in 1996 to participate in several projects in electronic music.

In 2010 together with Alexandre Lira (Homicide Division) with the project "Reality Remind" did a remix into the ep "Noise" of "Stahlnebel & Black Selket". Now he returns with Homicidal Feelings bringing other influences and elements as: Harsh EBM and Industrial Crossover, besides excelent participations. The new album "Virtue to Vice" has the mastering by Fabricio Viscardi (Aghast View) and now [Aesthetische] who also contributes a n exclusive Remix to the dancefloor. plus a tribute to cult Belgian EBM / Industrial band a; GRUMH…
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1.Host Range
2.Sistematic Control Of Lab
3.Brutal Machine
4.Corrupted State
5.Fury In Vains
6.Virtue To Vice – Homicidal Feelings Feat H.a.r.r.y. And The Addict
7.Insane Mind (Dawn Of Ashes Mix)
8.The Valley Of Dry Bones
9.Danger Zone – Homicidal Feelings Feat Cybernetic Faces (A:grumh Tribute)
10.Corrupted State (Aesthetische Rmx)
11.Brutal Machine (Signal Operator Rmx)