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"Intoxicating Spring"

Single/7" + CDR

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Release: 2014
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Huminoida - Intoxicating Spring Single/7

Genre: Electropop. Limited edition of 200 hand-numbered copies.

Transparent 10" vinyl + CDr set. Vinyl is on amazing CLEAR/TRANSPARENT vinyl. Second release in the "Seasons" series of 10" vinyl + CDr sets that started with Mystic Summer EP in 2013.

"Seven tracks of synthpop anthems, electronic obscurity, science fiction, the beauty and brutality, all the Huminoida ingredients are there." K-K- describes the set. The second full-length Huminoida album is scheduled for 2015.

HUMINOIDA was founded in 2007 by K-K- (Kimmo Karjalainen) formerly a vocalist of electropop band Neuroactive) and AugM (ex-This Empty Flow). Merging the melodic elements of synthpop, emotionally charged vocals, analogue warmth and willingness to experiment, Huminoida creates an unusual blend of beauty & brutality, dreams & reality, pop & obscurity. Once you've heard one track, you haven't heard them all!
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InfraRot item number:9943.479
Label:Out Of Range
Label's catalogue number:GOUTR10
1.1 The New Springs 4:43
2.2 Ruptures 2:10
3.3 Aerial Demons 3:09
4.4 Electrocute - Huminoida Re-Wiring 3:27
5.5 Even Shorter Spring 2:13
6.6 Half Light 4:58
7.7 The New Springs 4:43
8.8 Ruptures 2:10
9.9 Aerial Demons 3:09
10.Electrocute - Huminoida Re-Wiring 3:27
11.1000 Light Years - Nyx Remix 4:16
12.Even Shorter Spring 2:13
13.Half Light 4:58