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"The Unified Field"



Release: 2013
Status: Sold out
IAMX - The Unified Field CD

IAMX –is no one else that Chris Corner, the androgyn-glamourous Diva from the Sneaker Pimps.

"I am obsessed with the concept of a scientific theory of an underlying base level of consciousness,” explains Chris Corner of internationally renowned band IAMX, words that you’d probably never thought would be uttered by a musician. Oddly, however, these words feel comfortably appropriate for one of the deepest, most philosophic and intelligent artists in the current music world. The statement describes IAMX’s new album, The Unified Field almost impeccably. “A ‘unified field’ out of which all things are created.

From super strings to quarks to atoms to humans to galaxies… a conceptual place where we are all connected.” Written and recorded on multiple continents, The Unified Field may be heady and smart, but it doesn’t ignore the most central part of it all – the music. “I fight with science and spirituality constantly,” he continues, “and as an intelligent being I yearn to explain emotion and art. But they are beyond this. This album is my attempt to accept this.
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Label:61 Seconds
Label's catalogue number:SOSR 2001
1.I Come With Knives
3.The Unified Field
4.The Adrenalin Room
5.Quiet The Mind
6.Under Atomic Skies
8.Come Home
9.Animal Impulses
10.Walk With The Noise
11.Land Of Broken Promises