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Idis Örlög

"Frøya og Svipdag and Songs from Njartharlåg"


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Release: 2016
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Idis Örlög - Frøya og Svipdag and Songs from Njartharlåg CD

The second regular album by the Norwegian Folk Act, coming in Digipak, features 12 tracks that center on rediscovering the heathen roots, through nature, through the old stories and legends of the Norse gods.

With all acoustic instrumentation, including fiddle and flute by Runahild of Eliwagar, the sounds of nature and resonance of the feelings and being in tune with the world around us is a part of the journey that this collection of music leads us on. Idis Örlög is an acoustic Folk project from sole member Siv Idis, which is heavily rooted in Germanic lore. Musically Idis Örlög is based primarily around acoustic guitar and clean vocal performances, bringing to mind other similar acts such as Hagalaz’ Runedance or Carved In Stone. Other instruments (such as harp and fiddle) are used to enhance the atmosphere of the music, and includes guest performances from Runahild of Eliwagar (another talented Folk band from Norway). This is NOT just another Folk band singing about Valhalla and other metal-esque clichés, but a more serious exploration of Germanic paganism and the worldview of our ancestors.
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1.Northern Rainfall
2.Ancient Trees And Ancient Stars
3.Over The Hills To The Mountaintops
4.Frøya Og Svipdag
5.These Waves
6.Idis Örlög (To The Ancestors)
7.Schönheit Und Tod
9.The Norns
10.Oh Frigga
11.Idunn Og Braggi
12.Nyartharlag (On Tysnes)