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Idis Örlög

"The Spiral Tides of Seasons"


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Release: 2014
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Idis Örlög - The Spiral Tides of Seasons CD

Another great new DarkFolk act from Norway with a very talented female singer, released by the American WolfTyr label, dedicated to Northern Folk, Neofolk and Paganism. Idis Örlög’s second album offers epic heathen Folk and features ELIWAGAR’s singer playing Violin and Flute as guest on this album. The Idis is the spirit of your nordic pagan ancestor, guiding and protecting. Örlög is destiny. Idis Örlög is a musical journey to roots, drawing inspiration from those ancestral spirits who communicate through the occurance of a sponta-neous song, melody, idea. Creative inspiration from the heart is connection to the universal thread. Project leader Sif Idis brings a whole new look at the art of Pagan Folk Music. As opposed to the Shield Maiden, battle-scared Valkyrie, Sif uses a different approach. Much in tuned with Mother Jorth. And lyrically about the love for nature, Wyrd, and Gods. Features Runahild of Eliwager on flute and Violin. Bringing soothing tunes in the vein of Hagalaz Runedance, Eliwagar, Fire+Ice, Trobar de Morte, Hexperos, Lupercalia... CD in digipak + booklet on 100% recycled paper.
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1.Invocation Of The Idis
2.I Am Of The Wind
5.Amber And Gold
8.The Northern Shaman
9.These Deep Waters
10.Of Ancient Ones
11.Aske And Embla
12.Outro (Passing Of The Seasons)