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"Black Radio"


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Release: 2000
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Ikon - Black Radio CD

Year 2000 re-release of a German Vinyl-only bootleg release from the midNineteies. Recorded live at The Esplanade Hotel, Melbourne on 26/11/1994. FM Radio Broadcast. The CD has 3 bonus tracks (12 to 14) which are not live and an additional live track ("Echoes of Silence"), which were not on the original vinyl edition.
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1.Echoes Of Silence [Live]
2.Exit [Live]
3.Black Roses [Live]
4.I've Been [Live]
5.Reality Is Lost [Live]
6.Love Is Colder Than Death [Live]
7.Towards Tomorrow [Live]
8.Lord Of Darkness [Live]
9.Dreaming [Live]
10.Truth [Live]
11.Condemnation [Live]
12.Under The Watchful Eye (Studio Outtake)
13.Distant Memory (Long Version)
14.Suicide (Demo Version)