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"In The Shadow Of the Angel"


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Release: 2011
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Ikon - In The Shadow Of the Angel LP + CD

Available for the first time ever on vinyl, Ikon's 1994 debut LP is totally remastered and limited to one pressing only of 500 copies. LP is released by Pylon Records USA. Also comes with a bonus CD of rare material and mixes.
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2.Lord Of Darkness
3.Secrets Within
4.Fall Apart
5.Hallowed Ground
6.Black Roses
7.I've Been
8.Distant Memory
11.Love Is Colder Than Death
12.In The Shadow Of The Angel
13.Black Roses (1995 Remix)
14.Fall Apart (1996 Remix)
15.Truth (Acoustic)
16.Betrayal (Opus Mix)
17.Towards Tomorrow (Dub)
18.In A Lonely Place (Full Version)
19.Under The Watchful Eye (Version II)
20.Condemnation (Remix)
21.The Final Experience (NDE Mix)
22.In The Shadow Of The Alien
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