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"This Quiet Earth"


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Release: 2014
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Ikon - This Quiet Earth 4CD

Originally released in 1998, the album has been completely remixed and resung by Chris McCarter in 2013, contains all the bsides from the 'Subversion' and 'Ghost in My Head' singles, a third CD of remixes and outtakes including a cover of the Death In June classic 'To Drown a Rose'.The 4th CD contains 12 totally unreleased tracks from 1997-1998.

A total of 48 tracks on 4CD'S, in a fold out pac
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Label:Dark Vinyl
3.Loving The Enemy
4.Temple Of Light
5.Ghost In My Head
6.In Faith
7.My Shadow Of Selfishness
8.The Shattered Mirror
9.A Day That Past
10.Voice Of The Sun
11.Beginning Of The End
12.This Quiet Earth
13.Subversion Ii
16.The Shattered Mirror Ii
17.Time And Illusion
18.The Glory Of Justice-Acoustic Guitar
19.In Too Deep
20.Temple Of Light Ii
21.Gone But Not Forgotten
22.Geistiges Erwachen
23.The Angels Cry
24.Die Stille Erd
25.Subversion (Outtake)
26.Faces In The Wind (Original Version Unreleased)
27.A Triumph Of My Will
28.To Drown A Rose (Previously Unreleased)
29.Voice Of The Sun (Alternate Mix)
30.My Shadow Of Selfishness (Acoustic Version Unreleased)
31.As Fate Decrees (Original Version Unreleased)
32.In Faith (Acoustic Version Unreleased)
33.A Day That Past (Live In The Studio)
34.Beginning Of The End (Acoustic Version Unreleased)
35.Geistiges Erwachen (Original Version Unreleased)
39.Grasp At Heaven
41.All Will Be Forgiven
42.The Cry
43.My Cross To Bear
45.Walk With Me
46.Feel No Shame
47.The Fallen