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Illegal Trade

"Acid For The Royal Family"


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Release: 2015
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Illegal Trade - Acid For The Royal Family CD

HANDS presents the new side-project of Ambassador21, lined up to pay homage to the unrestrained kind of industrial music that influenced Natasha and Alexey to start it all. The result is everything but retro though, a contemporary, yet extra hard approach at industrial hardcore crossbreed, nine tracks gripping you firmly with their rhythmic impact and a seamless stream of little elements of sound. Thus, over the nearly 50 minutes of the album’s duration, suspension is held high effortlessly, like witnessing a fast-motion time lapse caused by the speed of sound. What can be harder than Ambassador21? Illegal Trade! Having established an international crossover audience for their digital hardcore main outfit Ambassador21, the couple from Belarus has also left its mark with the more rhythm noise-based side-project Suicide Inside. Now Illegal Trade seems a perfect addition, a contemporary take at what is hot on the underground dance floor: combining sweeping drum’n’bass elements and brutalist breakcore with agitating hardcore thumps.During its just under 50 minutes of playing time, “Acid for the Royal Family” never goes through a low, there’s a constant rush of breaks, build-ups and distortion, plus an undercurrent of chiptune/arcade game style melodies and sparsely used (mostly explicit) samples demanding your attention – and physical reaction. Truly impossible to point out single tracks, you should definitely not miss the wobble bass and majestic grandeur of the title track or the ravy allusions of “Zoom”, but then you’ll discover tiny special signatures in every track. So don’t believe the hype and immerse yourself in the teen-spirited rush of energy that the intake of “Acid for the Royal Family” will cause!
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1.Olga Is Dead
2.Acid For The Royal Family
3.Lucky Junkies
4.Go Home
5.Space Hunter
6.Cold Cash War
7.Ripping Reality