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Release: 2016
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Imatem - Journey+Home 2CD

Peter Spilles (PROJECT PITCHFORK) featuring Der Graf (UNHEILIG), Falk Lenn, LACASADEL CID, MiLù (MILA MAR), Stefan Grossmann (ABSURD MINDS), Ronan Harris (VNV NATION), Jay Smith (DEVIANT UK), Jinxy (SANTA HATES YOU), JAN REVOLUTION, Sven Friedrich (ZERAPHINE, SOLAR FAKE), Nick (LEGACY OF MUSIC) and Sara Noxx!

Originally released independently in strictly limited editions, both releases are reissued in an elaborately remastered form to celebrate the 25th birthday of PROJECT PITCHFORK with a noble and elegant edition.

It's impossible not to think ...
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1.Hold You (Rmx) (Feat. Der Graf)
2.Holy Tv
3.Seelenbrennen (Feat. Falk Lenn)
4.Remote Truth
5.Elegy Of Angels
6.Manchmal (Feat. Lacasa Del Cid)
7.Metami,„S“ (Feat. Milù)
8.Ganz Nah
9.Fiat Lux (Feat. Stefan Grossmann)
10.Haven (Feat. Ronan Harris)
11.The Influence (Feat. Jay Smith)
12.Conquer (Feat. Jinxy)
13.Blind Alley (Feat. Jan Revolution)
14.Journey (Instrumental)
15.Escape To Follow (Feat. Sven Friedrich)
16.All Ends (Feat. Nick)
17.Down To The Sea (Feat. Sara Noxx)
18.No One