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In Legend

"Ballads N'Bullets"


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Release: 2011
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In Legend - Ballads N'Bullets CD

Traditionally, most Gothic or Rock bands are dominated by guitars. Not so the case with In Legend, where the mother of all instruments is the 'key' component: The piano. With an uncompromising feeling for hard and flowing melodies, the ivories are hammered by Bastian Emig (also member of Van Canto) to an - as of right now - unexplored extreme! In the process he has come to understand the unique, symbiotic union of the percussive and melodic instrument in order to create rousing and sweeping songs.

In Legend is the essence of an artistic process that has been pulsating in the heart and maturing in the soul of Bastian during the last 10 years. And piece by piece it has been forged and hammered into the evoking sound which now characterizes it: The perfect blend of hard, soft, and uncompromising passion! Or as Bastian describes In Legend: 'Tori Amos on cocaine'.

14 songs full of power and melody, covering the Gothic and Rock-genres and you won't miss the guitars!
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1.Heaven Inside
4.At Her Side
6.Life Is Up To You
7.The Healer (Incl. Re-medy)
9.Soul Apart
10.Stardust (Feat.Inga/Van Canto)
11.A Hanging Matter