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In Slaughter Natives

"Mort aux Vaches (Limited Edition)"



Release: 2016
Status: Sold out
In Slaughter Natives - Mort aux Vaches (Limited Edition) LP

Limited edition of 184 black vinyls only. Mastered by Jouni Havukainen.

Release, for the first time ever on Vinyl, of this legendary radio recording. ‘Mort aux Vaches’ was Originally released in 1994 as a split-album with DEUTSCH NEPAL. What could we say? – This is ISN’s most essential classic songs for the first time on vinyl! In Slaughter Natives (aka Jouni Havukainen) is a pioneering project in symphonic industrial. Its music is a mix of heavy electronics, martial percussions, religious chants, orchestral samples and gruesome demonic vocals. After releasing some great albums on Cold Meat Industry and Staalplaat, the project remained dormant for many years. In 2014 Jouni re-vitalized In Slaughter Natives on Cyclic Law with the album 'Cannula Coma Legio'.
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Label:Infinite Fog
1.A1 Truth Awakening [Awakening]
2.A2 Clean Cathedral
3.A3 Purgate My Stain [Pure]
4.B1 Sacred Worms
5.B2 To Mega Therion
6.B3 Death, Just Only Death
7.B4 Skin Sore Eye