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In Strict Confidence

"Lifelines Vol.2 (1998-2004)"


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Release: 2014
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In Strict Confidence - Lifelines Vol.2 (1998-2004) CD

After the great response to the first part in ISC’s ‘Lifelines’-series, here now part 2 of the special kind of ‘Best of’ CD. And this volume turns out to even stronger than Part 1! Indeed, the time period 1998-2004 represents for many fans the strongest phasis in the career of In Strict Confidence! Hits such as ‘Zauberschloss’, ‘Seven Lives’ or ‘Engelsstaub’ further defined ISC’s specific electro sound and keep on being part of each and every live-show of the band until today. As on previous volume, also this CD features all songs in long versions, and again many of them have never been available so far and are EXCLUSIVE to this CD!
InfraRot sales rank:434
InfraRot item number:9943.430
1.Zauberschloss (2000) - 7.29
2.Seven Lives (2004) - 7.20
3.Engelsstaub (2002) - 6.22
4.Kiss Your Shadow (2000) - 5.57
5.Hidden Thoughts (1998) - 7.20
6.Babylon (2004) - 6.52
7.Another Night (2004) - 7.29
8.Closing Eyes (2004) - 7.54
9.Herzattacke (2002) - 8.36
10.The Truth Inside Of Me (2000) - 8.36