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In Strict Confidence

"Somebody Elses Dream"


Release: 2016
Status: Ready to be shipped in 1-2 days
In Strict Confidence - Somebody Elses Dream MCD

Once again, In Strict Confidence kept their fans waiting for a sign of life. ISC were able to bridge the time gap with a DVD and some re-releases, but now the wait is gone and ISC also announce 2 new EPs in the coming weeks, setting the scene for the album release this summer. The EP (over 44 minutes!) is a very emotional track called "Somebody Else's Dream", while the second one promises to be an electronic club hit. Next to remixes by Rhys Fulber (Front Line Assembly, Paradise Lost, Fear Factory) and Dirk Krause (Armageddon Dildos, Retro Adapter), a non-album track as well as a previously unreleased version of ISC's cult song "Seven Lives" are included. In addition to the music, visuals always played an important part for In Strict Confidence. Consequently, this time the artwork was done by Heilemania, who recently designed Rammstein lead singer’s solo project, "Lindemann“.

Moreover, the band shines again with an exceptional video clip, also available in the data section of the CD. The CD will be released as a limited edition digipak
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1.Somebody Elses Dream 4:14
2.Somebody Elses Dream (Rhys Fulber Remix) 4:42
3.Seven Lives (Bicker Remix) 5:46
4.Somebody Elses Dream (Extended Version) 7:23
5.The Future 3:18
6.Somebody Elses Dream (Retro Adapter Mix) 4:55
7.Somebody Elses Dream (Music Video) 4:57