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"Light Spin"


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Release: 2014
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Incite - Light Spin CD

Following a string of festival appearances and some impressive awards for both their music and visual art, incite/ present their third album for HANDS. Eleven out of the 12 tracks are taken from their recent and their upcoming live sets, with the included large 16 pages art booklet - based on their video works - giving you an impression of their awarded skill. Nevertheless, “light spin” convinces as a musical work on its own, with its arsenal of abrasive sounds and glitches composed into surprisingly catchy tunes in the grey area between IDM, electro and industrial. Hard to pigeonhole, easy to enjoy for the electronic connoisseur.Since the release of “dare to dance” in 2011, incite/ have performed on 41 international festivals all over the world, from Moscow to Madrid and from Sao Paulo to Casablanca, including the 2013 WGT in Leipzig. The duo has also won three considerable awards: The Qwartz Award, Paris (Dancefloor category) 2012 for the track “glass” on the album „dare to dance“; the Visual Music Award, Frankfurt (Visual Music Live Contest) 2012 for music and video of „fire“ and the Visual Music Award, Frankfurt (Visual Music Live Contest) 2014 for „up & down“ (music and video again).While incite/’s debut “mindpiercing” (2009) was rather abstract and strict, “dare to dance” introduced a stronger physical aspect; the musical agenda of “light spin” now is incite/’s very own approach to the tune. Of course you can draw comparisons, to glitch pop, chiptune, IDM or the academic noise sound of Raster-Noton, but incite/ make it something very much of their own. And while the inexperienced listener might find this inaccessibly abstract, the seasoned electronic aficionado while catch himself headnodding or humming along to tracks like “footprints” or “duality”. And while there’s of course a range of moods and sounds, from the quiet and subtle (“illusion of safety”) over the noisy and unsettling (“time skating”) to the arcane (“harbour of mystery”), “light spin” appears convincingly coherent.
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1.Illusion Of Safety
6.Harbour Of Mystery
7.Moon Level
8.Time Skating
9.Homeless Hotel
10.Light Spin
11.Space-Time Fold