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Psyclon Nine

"We The Fallen"


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Release: 2009
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Psyclon Nine - We The Fallen CD

After three years of silence, California's Psyclon Nine return in 2009 with "We The Fallen", its darkest, most aggressive album to date. Over the course of their previous albums, Psyclon Nine has continued to evolve into its own sound, implementing elements of industrial, black metal, metal and post-punk influences.

Summer of 2000 saw a ...
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1.Soulless (The Makers Reflection)
2.We The Fallen
4.The Serpent Tongue
6.The Derelict (God Forsaken)
8.There But For The Grace Of God
9.Of Decay (An Exit)
10.Suicide Note Lullaby
11.As One With The Files