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Sopor Aeternus

"Sanatorium Altrosa (Deluxe Edition)"



Release: 2008
Status: Sold out
Sopor Aeternus - Sanatorium Altrosa (Deluxe Edition) CD

After their brilliant album "Les Fleurs du Mal" Sopor Aeternus are now returning to complete their curious study with this equally emotional sister/release "Sanatorium Altrosa".

Let us carefully open the ...
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Label:Apocalyptic Vision
1.Architecture II
2.Consider This: The True Meaning Of Love (Instrumental)
3.Shave, If You Love Me (Remix)
4.La Mort D'Arthur (Instrumental)
5.Consider This (Orig. Version)
6.The Conqueror Worm II (Instrumental)
7.In Der Palästra (Instrumental)
9.Les Fleurs Du Mal (Instrumental)
10.Bitter Sweet (Instrumental)
11.Consider This: The True Meaning Of Love