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Release: 2014
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Indica - Shine CD

“Two tours with Nightwish, one platinum and two golds in Finland, numerous top-ten singles - for Indica it seems that the only way is up!”

INDICA, the fairy-like Finnish five-piece clearly shines away and high above the ground of their native Suomi soil. Thus it comes as an almost natural consequence to call the upcoming new record »Shine«. The five female musicians have already reached mega stardom in Finland, and their first five hit-records - intonated in their native language - and numerous awards underline this status. With the 2010 release »A Way Away« the band premiered in the English language, and will now cover new grounds to enchant with their Pop-Jewel »Shine«.

»Shine« will be released on January 24, 2014 via Nuclear Blast, giv- ing you a real kick-off start for the New Year. One thing can already be stated without any doubt: INDICA has never been better. And »Shine« shimmers as bright as the beautiful musicians themselves high in the music sky.
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Label:Nuclear Blast
1.Mountain Made Of Stone
3.A Definite Maybe
4.Goodbye To Berlin
5.Run Run
6.Here And Now
8.Hush Now Baby
9.Behind The Walls
10.A Kid In The Playground
11.War Child
12.Humming Bird