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"Universal Blood"


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Release: 2012
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Inertia - Universal Blood CD

Celebrating 20 years as a music project, The UK's Inertia now joins Metropolis Records for the release of 'Universal Blood'. The album is a compelling mix of classic industrial, electronic pop, EBM, harsh guitars, electro soundscapes and pounding beats, featuring vocals from both Reza (also a member of Killing Joke) and Alexys B.

The album flows seamlessly through varied styles, creating a compelling, cohesive piece of work. RIYL: KMFDM, Front Line Assembly, Gary Numan, Killing Joke

BAND Members: Reza Udhin, Alexys B, Kneill Brown, and Andrew Lowlife.
InfraRot sales rank:1,794
InfraRot item number:2011.838
Label's catalogue number:MET833