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Institution D.O.L.

"17 Shameless Years"


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Release: 2015
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Institution D.O.L. - 17 Shameless Years CD

Style: Industrial, Noise, Power Electronics, Experimental

The return of Institution D.O.L.! "17 Shameless Years (A Collection of 17 sinful and epic Tracks)" is the first new album by D.O.L. since 2007's "Instructions for modern Weakniks". The band presents a new member, MK Vermin, who not only provides powerful electronics, but also vocals. "17 Shameless Years" is a mix of brand new songs, specifically written for this CD, and radical reworkings of material from the back catalogue. If you have seen D.O.L's return to the stage at Tower Transmissions 4, you will know that the new direction is very harsh. Power electronics do-minate the sound, and you will not always recognize the new versions of older tracks as the re- workings are very radical. After a long hiatus, finally a new album by Austria's one and only power electronics band.
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1.With Burning Heart
2.Roman Strenght
3.Moral Conflagration
4.Circle Of Blood
5.Plastic Society
6.Very Vicious
7.Unforeseen Annihilation
8.The Deceased Mind
9.Praying Through The Sword
10.Poetzizing In A Japanese Nightclub
11.I Guess I Am Still Right
13.The End Of Love With A Chainsaw
15.Daydreams All Ablaze
16.Universal Peace The Last Rearing Up