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Jerome Chassagnard

"Music for a starlit night"


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Release: July 2017
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Jerome Chassagnard - Music for a starlit night CD

sometimes if you are lucky enough you don't have to go far from the towns to find a pitch-black sky overhead with a blaze of stars on a fine clear night. this amazing natural spectacle was the main inspiration for the fifth album of french artist jérôme chassagnard who composed each of the eight tracks during nighttime. it was also jérôme's intention that this release should be listened to while watching the manifold stellar constellations which will hopefully appear before the listener's eyes. the sound on 'music for a starlit night' is focused on the ambient and modern classical side of jérôme chassagnard, as could be already heard on his early compositions, enriched with a stimulant dose of electronica. an intelligent mixture of atmospheric dreamy quietness and energetic beat-driven intensity carried by intense, clear keyboard textures and melancholic chord layers. a beautiful bewitching album of multi-faceted surfaces and depths, recommended to all of those seeking a pleasant listening experience while looking into space.
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