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Jäger 90

"Drischne Skasal"


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Release: 2009
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Jäger 90 - Drischne Skasal CD

Jäger 90 is a musical duo from Rostock that has been founded in 2005 by Thoralf Dietrich (vocals & program) and Stev A. (drums), Vigo Stahlmann recently replaced Stev A. Their musical roots reach back into the early 80s.

Especially the sound of DAF and EBM shaped the body-conscious sound of the three CDs published up until now: "Harte Zeiten" (own production, 2005), "Total Debil" (own production, 2006) and "Muskeln und Küsse" (Electric Tremor Dessau, 2007).

The protagonists don't give a shit, if this kind of music already existed or not. Thoralf Dietrich is also known for his activities in his side projects and for being the singer of the DAF.Partei.
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Label:Electric Tremor
Label's catalogue number:ETD026CD
1.Der Verzicht
3.Mehr Von Dir
4.Verbrecher (Das Dunkle Das Böse)
5.Drischne Skasal
6.Süss Und Sauer
7.Für Die Ewigkeit
8.Zu Jung
9.Richtung Westen
11.Lass Mich Doch
12.Unsere Jugend