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John Foxx & Harold Budd



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Release: 2011
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John Foxx & Harold Budd - Nighthawks 3CD

'Nighthawks' is a collaboration between Foxx and arguably the world's most famous ambient/avant garde music composer Harold Budd, along with minimalist composer Ruben Garcia.

Harold Budd's career stretches back to the 60s and includes collaborations with Brian Eno, The Cocteau Twins, Bill Nelson, Andy Partridge, Ruben Garcia (on 'Three Pianos'), U2 and John Foxx. Foxx and Budd's previous collaborative albums, the acclaimed 'Translucence' and 'Drift Music' were originally issued on Edsel in 2003, and are now included in this set to present the complete John Foxx and Harold Budd Collection.
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1.Down A Windy Street
2.Now That I've Forgotten You
3.The Invisible Man
4.Fugitive Desire
5.From Then To Now
6.When The City Stops For Snow
7.Shadow Of Her Former Self
8.Music For Swimmers