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John Foxx & Theo Travis

"Torn Sunset"


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Release: 2011
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John Foxx & Theo Travis - Torn Sunset CD

'Torn Sunset' is an ambient album from the influential synthesizer innovator (and 80s hitmaker) John Foxx, uniquely paired with Soft Machine's saxophonist Theo Travis, who has also worked with Robert Fripp, David Sylvian and Porcupine Tree. John Foxx linked up with Theo Travis after seeing him soundchecking at a Harold Budd concert in Brighton, 'using loops and long delays'. According to John's note in the booklet, he thought at first of 'singing into Theo's music, but ultimately decided that it would work by 'extending the piano harmonics through reverberation and making other harmonic links'.
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Label's catalogue number:EDSS1050
2.From A Brighter Place
3.Skyscraper Starlight
4.Lost Marilyn Molecule
5.Before You Disappear
6.Torn Sunset
7.All The Tides On All The Streets