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John Foxx

"London Overgrown"


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Release: 2015
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John Foxx - London Overgrown CD

ohn Foxx's new album, London Overgrown is a project John has been working on for years, inspired by his own experiences of London - including an abandoned, overgrown Shoreditch in the early 1980s - futuristic visions of a derelict city dating back to the sci-fi of Quatermass which he watched as a child and a strong desire to propose 'an actual city,' explains Foxx. 'A plan for London. A beautiful new overgrown city. The music is ambient and electronic; immersive soundscapes for an empty, overgrown city and a wordless relative of Foxx's Cathedral Oceans.
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1.Oceanic Ii
2.The Beautiful Ghost
3.A Man, A Woman And A City
4.London Overgrown
5.A Small Revolving World
6.Everything Is Illuminated
7.Often Now, I Wake
8.Persistence Of Vision
9.City Of Mirage
10.Imaginary Music