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John Foxx

"The Virgin Years (1980-1985)"


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Release: 2014
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John Foxx - The Virgin Years (1980-1985) 5CD

Dieses fünf CDs umfassende Boxset versammelt die vier Alben, die JOHN FOXX zwischen 1980 und 1985 veröffentlicht hat - "Metamatic", "The Garden", "The Golden Section" und "In Mysterious Ways" plus B-Seiten und Outtakes von den Sessions, die als Bonustracks direkt nach dem passenden Album erscheinen sowie auf einer fünften CD - ,Fusion/Fission". ,The Virgin Years" wartet mit einem neuen analogen Master von ,Metamatic" auf, dazu gesellen sich neu gemasterte Versionen der B-Seiten - ,This City", ,Film One" und so weiter. Überdies gibt es noch fünf Postkarten für die Singles 'Underpass', 'No-One Driving', 'Europe After The Rain', 'Endlessly' and 'Stars On Fire'.
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2.He's A Liquid
4.Metal Beat
5.No-One Driving
6.A New Kind Of Man
7.Blurred Girl 0
9.Tidal Wave
10.Touch And Go.
11.Film One
12.This City
13.Burning Car
15.Mr No
16.Young Love
17.20Th Century
18.My Face
19.A New Kind Of Man (Alternative Version)
20.He's A Liquid (Alternative Version)
21.Europe After The Rain
22.Systems Of Romance
23.When I Was A Man And You Were A Woman
24.Dancing Like A Gun
25.Pater Noster
26.Night Suit
27.You Were There
28.Fusion / Fission
29.Walk Away
30.The Garden
31.Swimmer Ii
32.This Jungle
33.Miles Away
34.A Long Time
35.Swimmer I
36.Swimmer Iii
37.Swimmer Iv
38.My Wild Love
40.Your Dress
41.Running Across Thin Ice With Tigers
42.Sitting At The Edge Of The World
44.Ghosts On Water
45.Like A Miracle
46.The Hidden Man
47.Twilight's Last Gleaming
49.A Kind Of Wave
50.A Woman On A Stairway
51.The Lifting Sky
52.Shine On Me
53.Wings And A Wind
54.Dance With Me
55.Stars On Fire
56.Lose All Sense Of Time
57.Spin Away
58.Enter The Angel Ii
59.Enter The Angel
60.In Mysterious Ways
61.What Kind Of Girl
62.Shine On
63.Stepping Softly
64.Morning Glory
65.Lumen De Lumine
66.To Be With You (Alternative Version)
67.And The Sky
68.This Side Of Paradise
69.Hiding In Plain Sight
70.City Of Light
72.To Be With You
73.Like A Miracle (Alternative Version)
75.Fusion / Fission (Early Version)
76.Dance With Me (Early Version)
77.A Woman On A Stairway (Early Version)
78.Endlessly (Single Version)
79.My Wild Love (Early Version)
80.A Long Time (Alternative Version)
81.Sitting At The Edge Of The World (Alternative Version) 12. Twilight's Last Gleam
82.Young Man 14. The Hidden Man (Alternative Version)
83.Enter The Angel (Alternative Version)
85.Shine On (Alternative Version)