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Karl Bartos



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Release: 2016
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Karl Bartos - Communication CD

Communication is the debut solo album by ex-Kraftwerk member Karl Bartos. Originally released in 2003 – 13 years after leaving the legendary electronic group – it has now been entirely and pristinely re-mastered for re-release, complete with the bonus track »Camera Obscura« – a song that eschews the term ‘bonus’ and in the context of the re-release becomes ‘essential’. The album is a concept record that deals with communication at the incredibly pivotal time in electronic media and digital culture, shortly after the turn of the millennium.
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1.Bartos~Karl · The Camera
2.Bartos~Karl · I´m The Message
3.Bartos~Karl · 15 Minutes Of Fame
4.Bartos~Karl · Reality
5.Bartos~Karl · Electronic Apeman
6.Bartos~Karl · Life
7.Bartos~Karl · Cyberspace
8.Bartos~Karl · Interview
9.Bartos~Karl · Ultraviolet
10.Bartos~Karl · Camera Obscura [6:31 Mix]
11.Bartos~Karl · Another Reality