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"Dream Continent"


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Release: 2015
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Karnnos - Dream Continent CD

In Digipak, Limited edition of strictly 292 copies!

10 years after the last record, Karnnos return with “Dream Continent”. Continuing to blend dark-folk and ambient, “Dream Continent” includes some post-rock influences, taking Karnnos’ sound to new directions. This record takes the listener through a series of drowsy, foggy landscapes, evocative, immersive and eerie soundscapes that illustrate a journey through a world of dreams, a world of awe.

Having left out violin and viola this time, the new tracks are built upon electric guitars, bass, hurdy gurdy and synth, with the occasional appearance of flutes, percussion and various sound manipulations. “The Dream Continent” is a record that maintains the Celtic inspiration and the tone of past records with a renewed instrumentation and musical references. Music to be drowned in a sea of silence, to dream while awake, to discover a land made of dreams and haze…
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1.Inside The Dream
2.Floating Away From Sight
3.Timeless Echoes
4.Zenith Of The Hour
5.Hollows Of The Night
6.An Ocean Of Bliss
7.Homeless But Starfull
8.Whirling Spaceforms
9.Fogtrees And Sandstones
10.The Dream Continent
11.A Space Out Of Space
12.Out Of Sight