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"Ghastly Monolith"



Release: 2015
Status: Sold out
kFactor - Ghastly Monolith 2CD

Electro Aggression Records proudly presents kFactor, the latest addition to its impressive old school electro roster. Junior started toying around with synthesizers in the mid 90s and he developed a great admiration for the Belgian 80s EBM scene. It took him a few years, but Junior has forged a unique approach to EBM: A magnificent blend of Vomito Negro, Signal Aout 42 and The Klinik with a kFactor touch. Immerse yourself into >155 minutes of STELLAR old school electro pleasure!

Electro Aggression Records präsentieren voller Stolz kFactor, den aktuellsten Neuzugang in ihrem beeindruckenden old school electro Aufgebot. Seit Mitte der 90er experimentiert Junior mit Synthesizern und entwickelte dabei eine besondere Bewunderung für Belgiens 80er EBM Szene. Es hat einige Jahre gedauert, doch in dieser Zeit hat Junior seinen einzigartigen EBM Ansatz konsequent verfolgt: Eine großartige Mixtur aus Vomito Negro, Signal Aout 42 und The Klinik, welcher er seinen kFactor Stempel aufdrückt. Tauch ein in mehr als155 Minuten STELLAR old school electro pleasure!
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Label:Electro Aggression Records
1.Error 05:26
2.A Blind Spot 05:38
3.Take A Chance 04:28
4.Claustrophobia 04:12
5.Disorient 05:47
6.Lobotomy 04:43
7.Iron Tree 03:57
8.Prototype 06:14
9.Symmetry 05:48
10.White Monolith 06:41
11.You... Worm! 05:02
12.Parallel 05:43
13.Chrome 04:48
14.Casting Shadows 05:13
15.Full Pressure 04:56
16.Humans 05:44
17.Nature's Dreams 04:39
18.Auto-Darwin 04:37
19.Faithful Children 06:07
20.The Right Course 05:29
21.For Vultures 04:35
22.No Land 04:30
23.A Dead Place 05:39
24.Images Of A New World 05:41
25.A Dead Place (Jihad Remix) 04:58
26.Symmetry (Pyrroline Remix) 05:06
27.A Blind Spot (Factory Automatic By Soillodge) 04:39
28.Faithful Children (Serpents Remix) 06:00
29.You... Worm! (Astma Remix) 04:53
30.Prototype (Rapid Prototyping Bytri-State) 04:59