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Release: 2009
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"Dystopia" is the debut of Kibuka. A project of Dean Dennis: known for his work with Clock DVA, TAGC, Sector & most recently Nohno. Over 76 minutes of original music, "old school" craft & class brought straight into the 21st Century! Dean Dennis is at his beat driven best: fusing complex rhythms, superb synths and finely manipulated vocal samples with the trademark bass. Kibuka presents the perfect atmospheric audio for today's paranoid dystopia. Featuring an extraordinary extended dark & dubby remix by Lustmord and - to mark the 20th anniversary of the release of "Buried Dreams" - also includes a beautifully dark & menacing ambient remix by Paul A Browse. The first new Browse/Dennis work to be released in 20 years. Packaged in a high quality full colour 4 panel digipak featuring exclusive artwork by Dennis current music collaborator: Snook
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InfraRot item number:2003.713
1.Sucking Up That Stuff
2.Cell By Cell
3.Mystery Tour
4.Run Run
5.New Talk
8.Ripple Effect
10.Dolly Mop
11.True Colours
12.Future Fiction
13.System Control
15.All Seeing Eye (Lustmord Extended Remix)
16.Chimera (Paul A Browse/Spiralized Remix)