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Kid Moxie

"1888 (Limited White Vinyl)"


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Release: 2015
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Kid Moxie - 1888 (Limited White Vinyl) LP

This vinyl is available in two versions: WHITE and PURPLE Vinyl. Both Vinyl editions are limited to 500 copies, both come with printed inner sleeve.

Kid Moxie is the musical ...
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1.A1 Kid Moxie: Lacuna
2.A2 Kid Moxie & Gaslamp Killer: The 1888
3.A3 Kid Moxie: Jacqueline The Ripper
4.A4 Kid Moxie: The Bailor
5.B1 Angelo Badalamenti Feat. Kid Moxie: Mysteries Of Love
6.B2 Kid Moxie: Ghost Town
7.B3 Kid Moxie & Gaslamp Killer: The Museum Motel
8.B4 Kid Moxie: Shadow Heart
9.B5 Kid Moxie & Soulless Party: The Blackberry Fields