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Killing Joke

"Bootleg Vinyl Archive Vol. 1"


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Release: 2007
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Killing Joke - Bootleg Vinyl Archive Vol. 1 3CD

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1.Wardance [Live]
2.Follow The Leaders [Live]
3.Change [Live]
4.Exit [Live]
5.Requiem [Live]
6.Bloodsport [Live]
7.Unspeakable [Live]
8.Fall Of Because [Live]
9.Primitive [Live]
10.The Wait [Live]
11.Pssyche [Live]
12.Turn To Red [Live]
13.Tension [Live]
14.Pssyche [Live]
15.Tomorrow's World [Live]
16.Nervous System [Live]
17.Malicious Boogie [Live]
18.Turn To Red [Live]
19.Nuclear Boy [Live]
20.Change [Live]
21.Complications [Live]
22.Wardance [Live]
23.Are You Receiving? [Live]
24.What's The Matter? [Live]
25.Wardance [Live]
26.Unspeakable [Live]
27.Change [Live]
28.Exit [Live]
29.Requiem [Live]
30.Bloodsport [Live]
31.We Have Joy [Live]
32.Primitive [Live]
33.The Fall Of Because [Live]
34.Complications [Live]
35.The Wait [Live]
36.Wardance [Live]
37.The Beautiful Dead [Live]
38.Change [Live]
39.Night Time [Live]
40.Frenzy [Live]
41.Eighties [Live]
42.Love Like Blood [Live]
43.The Pandys Are Coming [Live]
44.Extremities [Live]