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Kirlian Camera / Andromeda Complex



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Release: November 2015
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Kirlian Camera / Andromeda Complex - Split MCD

Great spit album from 1993, a collaboration by KIRLIAN CAMERA with ANDROMEDA COMPLEX (Italian band by Celestino Pes, also member by Kirlian Camera in that period). Originally released in late 1993 by the band, with a special numbered card, including a 3”-CD, signed and numbered by the band (very hard to find, now for collectors only). A rare document of the second decade by this project, middle ‘90, Kirlian Camera and Co. seems more oriented to the industrial, esoteric and neofolk area, with a strange experimental approach that open a new area to explore to Angelo Bergamini, musician and producer of several acts, like Andromeda Complex (he was also member of this band).
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