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Kirlian Camera

"Black Summer Choirs (Collector's Edition)"


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Release: 2013
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Kirlian Camera - Black Summer Choirs (Collector's Edition) Box

This special edition box set, limited to 1000 copies, contains a numbered owndership certificate and featuring an exclusive SHAPE-CD EP containing previously unreleased tracks, plus a metal pin, a flag and a lyrics poster.

Infos about the album:Have you ever experienced the sensation that being at a special place at a special time feels so overwhelming and surreal that it leaves a lasting impression on you and your life? On “Black Summer Choirs”, Italian cult group Kirlian Camera takes you to such a place.

Elena Alice Fossi and Angelo ...
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Label:Out Of Line
Label's catalogue number:OUT609-610
1.Silencing The World
2.Black August
3.Final Interview 1
5.The Fountain Of Clouds
6.Final Interview 2
7.مادة مظلمة (Materia Oscura – Official Version)
8.Final Interview 3
9.Farewell Road
10.My Kids Kill
12.Final Interview 4
13.Barren Cornfields
14.Stranger In The Abandoned Station
15.New Veterans In The Mist
17.Words (Black Summer Version)
18.Losing The Way Home