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Kirlian Camera

"Eclipse - Das Schwarze Denkmal (Transparent Vinyl)"



Release: 2015
Status: Sold out
Kirlian Camera - Eclipse - Das Schwarze Denkmal (Transparent Vinyl) LP

Finally re-released on vinyl, gatefold cover! Norton North presents a collection of deluxe re-releases by KIRLIAN CAMERA: after 26 years the best-seller album "Eclipse" is again available on vinyl with the original tracklist and artwork (with the standard Norton North gatefold cover). This record is one of the most representative albums of the 80's, with his icy and pop style at the same time, a monumental classic for the synthpop and electronic scene, but also darkwave and experimental (the title-track "Eclipse" is a real classic for each underground club worldwide). Produced by John Fryer (4AD). Original released by Rose Rosse Records (Cat: ROSE 5021), Italy, 1988.
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Label:norton north
1."intro: Lux"
3."river Of No Return"
4."the Christ"
7."tor Zwei"