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Kirlian Camera

"It Doesn’t Matter, Now"


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Release: 2015
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Kirlian Camera - It Doesn’t Matter, Now CD

For the first time on CD the first album by KIRLIAN CAMERA “It Doesn’t Matter, Now”, originally released in 1983 by Angelo Bergamini and Simona Buja, digitally remastered for this occasion and presented with a new cover. This brilliant first chapter is the first official work, after the “Kirlian Camera” minialbum, and presents two important singles “Communicate” and “Edges” that open to the band some tv-appearence and a first success in the clubs, magazines and audience, confirming this band from Italy one of the promising new band in the new wave and dark ‘80 scene! A real monumental album for the period, full of energy, with sounds smelling that period, with post-punk and modern-pop influences in the original form that will become in the years a real trademark for the band, an original sound proper of the band, anguish and hypnotic, a mix of several atmospheres, also very difficult to be cloned by other bands. A great opportunity for all collectors to listen this album for the first time in digital audio!
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Label:norton north
1.Communicate 3:06
2.Future Rain 4:10
3.Lontano 1:13
4.Christ's Eyes 6:04
5.Breaths 4:01
6.Edges 3:41
7.After 9:59.