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"Todesengel - The Fall Of Life"


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Release: 2015
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Kirlian Camera - Todesengel - The Fall Of Life CD

A new great re-release finally on vinyl, from 1991 KIRLIAN CAMERA presents this album with the first original cover’s concept, never used before. Great deluxe edition in Digipack CD! “Todesengel - The Fall of Life” is (together with “Eclipse”) one of the most representative album in the KIRLIAN CAMERA career, more experimental and hard than ever, cold and death atmospheres, martial rythms and brilliant melodies. It includes several hits and classics songs, starting from the single “U-Bahn V.2 "Heiligenstadt", a great dark/gothic dance-floor hit but it has never officially out as single (the same history was for the single “Eclipse”). The album also includes two covers by Ultravox “Vienna” and Queen “We Will Rock You”. Produced by John Fryer (4AD). Original released by Blue Rain Records (Cat: BRCD 9471), Italy, 1991.
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Label:norton north
1.Vienna 8:37
2.In The Endless Rain 4:35
3.Bondarenko: The Lost Days 3:52
4.Fields Of Sunset (Days Of The Scythe) 3:20
5.Ars Moriendi 5:42
6.We Will Rock You 10:13
7.U-Bahn V.2 "heiligenstadt" 6:54
8.Sterben... 5:36