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Klaus Schulze

"La Vie Electronique 12"


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Klaus Schulze - La Vie Electronique 12 3CD

Part 12 in the series of rare tracks by the German electronics pioneer!

CD1+2: "Picasso..." is Klaus' longest composition so far. Originally it were various 1992-'93 recordings for a film soundtrack, but the film producer could not pay for it and accordingly Klaus withdrew his collaboration and his music. The original denomi-nation was "Picture Music in Three Movements" due to the fact that twenty years earlier Klaus invented the term "Picture Music" for one of his earliest albums. This description and name did still fit in 1993... especially with the variety of sampling pictures you'll hear while dear old "Picasso Takes a Walk".

CD3: The original tape of "The Music Box" had the working title "Meditation I" first. Klaus recorded it in 1993 and gave it for free to the "Guttemplers", an institution that helps alcoholics.
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