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Klaus Schulze

"La Vie Electronique 16"


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Release: 2015
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Klaus Schulze - La Vie Electronique 16 5CD

The time has finally come. With “La Vie Electronique Vol. 16”, Klaus Schulze has reached the FINAL volume of his grand series! LVE 16 will be released in a digistack with 5 firmly filled CDs and a total of 385 minutes of Klaus Schulze. “Vol. 16” is not a “Best of….” Album but also not a “The Rest of…..” as the material on these 5 CDs is extremely remarkable. Even if some tracks may have rather historical importance, due to the fact that the recordings partially were not in best shape, Schulze’s work always stays fascinating.

On these 5 final CDs Schulze was able to accommodate what he could not do (due to technical reasons and/or what would contradict the chronological aspect of the series) on the 45 previous CDs. An ESSENTIAL final release for everyone into true electronics!
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