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Klaus Schulze

"La Vie Electronique 8"



Release: 2010
Status: Sold out
Klaus Schulze - La Vie Electronique 8 3CD

During the years 1977-1983 Schulze recorded some of his more introspective works, such as 'Mirage', 'Dune' and 'Dig it'. On this 8th part of this series, fine a selection of stuff that was archived beside his official albums in those years. A large part of this 3CD-set forms the appearance of concert recordings (made on a cheap, but stereo radio cassette recorder) from Klaus' 1979 tour with singer Arthur Brown, although CD1 for instance features more than 40 minuts of studio material.

Also included (on CD2 and CD3) are two rare fragments of very interesting radio interviews from that period - How far Schulze went during concerts can be heard on 'The Martial Law', where he gives it all on the Minimoog. What a contrast, compared to the elegant '"L'affaire Tournesol' on CD2. Just listen and be careful: this is angry, but melodic stuff in the typical Schulze eighties way!

The late 70s/early 80s work of Schulze is often overlooked and underrated. Hearing the material featured on this 3CD-set, one can discover the 'other side' of that particular period when analogue was still there, but digital was about to become the power to be.
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1.Dans Un Jardin - Une Fleur Tubereuse
2.Dans Un Jardin - La Fleure Personnelle
3.Dans Un Jardin - Le Bouquet
4.Dans Un Jardin - Alouette De Souvenir
5.Dans Un Jardin - Et' Oisseau-Lyre Joue
6.Faster Than Lightning - Dark Sounds
7.Faster Than Lightning - Moody Time
8.Faster Than Lightning - Dancing As The Planets Go By
9.Faster Than Lightning - Empty Of Wanting
10.Phonestisches Plakat
11.Hitchcock Suite - Tippi Hedren
12.Hitchcock Suite - Janet Leigh
13.Hitchcock Suite - Karen Black
14.Hitchcock Suite - Barbara Harris
15.L'Affaire Tournesol - Ces Petites Bande Dessinées Modernes
16.L'Affaire Tournesol - Petite Plante Dessinée.?
17.Bona Fide
18.Interview 1980
19.Keep Up With The Times
20.I Remember Rahsaan
21.A Quick One
22.Count Me In The Martial Law
25.Middle Part 1
26.Middle Part 2
28.Zugabe Timbales
29.Interview 1982