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Kontrolled Demolition

"Kollateral Damage"


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Release: 2012
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Kontrolled Demolition - Kollateral Damage CD

Kontrolled Demolition is a post punk, post industrial, and post modern group that breaks all societal boundaries. Never relying on one set formula for song arrangement, KD use many different ways of conducting sound. Sequencing and sampling play heavy roles in the band's recordings. Live performances showcase heavy, dark percussion mixed with polished synth textures and raspy distorted vocals. The band's focus on live percussion creates a dynamic that makes the shows very primal and rhythmically heavy.
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Label:Vendetta Music
Label's catalogue number:VM0050
1.Kollateral Damage
2.Toxic Invaders
3.No Reason
6.The Way
7.Process Of Decay
8.I Am Liberty (Kd Mix)
9.Kontrolled Demoliton
10.Light In The Dark
11.Toxic Invaders (Logos Remix)
12.Toxic Invaders (Kd Klub Mix)