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Kriistal Ann

"Cultural Bleeding (Limited Black Vinyl)"


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Release: 2016
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Kriistal Ann - Cultural Bleeding (Limited Black Vinyl) LP

Limited edition of 150 copies on BLACK Vinyl!

Vinyl editions by one of the most gifted female Artists of the Coldwave genre! Cultural Bleeding’ is the third full-length solo album by the Minimal Synth artist, that looks back on quite a few highly regarded releases in the Minimal Electro scene with her band ‘Paradox Obscur’.. ‘Cultural Bleeding’ presents 9 all new songs of ethereal dark melodies crafted with synthesizers performed in real-time action.
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Label:Wave Records
1.A1 Essential Mist
2.A2 Deadly Insight
3.A3 Killing Jokes
4.A4 Fail Of Misery [Feat. Schonwald]
5.B1 Un Étrange Baiser
6.B2 Enigma
7.B3 Fading Lights
8.B4 Αντιγόνη
9.B5 Siren