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Release: 2011
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Lahannya - Scavenger CD + DVD

To shorten the wait and as a thank you to her loyal fans, Lahannya put together special Fan Edition Double Pack 'Scavenger', which contains an audio CD with two teaser tracks from the new album - 'Scavenger' and 'Beautiful Wasteland' - as well as four audio tracks recorded live at the Essen Original Festival 2010.

The Fan Edition package also includes a live DVD containing the entire performance of Lahannya at Metal Female Voices Fest 2009. 'Scavenger' and 'Disorder' are a natural continuation of where 'Defiance' has left off, although darker and more aggressive in both sound and lyrics as the storyline is taking a dark turn. Once again Lahannya is defying narrow genre definitions with her explosive cocktail of industrial rock infused with plenty of metal attitude and a sprinkling of pop appeal. For fans of Lacuna Coil and Marilyn Manson.
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2.Beautiful Wasteland
3.No Tomorrow [Live]
4.Charades [Live]
5.Kill Me If You Care [Live]
6.Silent Victim [Live]
7.Prelude [Live/Video]
8.Dying Inside [Live/Video]
9.Sick And Tired [Live/Video]
10.Our War [Live/Video]
11.Interference [Live/Video]
12.Open Your Eyes [Live/Video]
13.Inside The Machine [Live/Video]
14.Burn [Live/Video]
15.Doors Total [Live/Video]