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"An Introduction To Laibach"


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Release: 2012
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Laibach - An Introduction To Laibach CD

Das Album, in voller Länge betitelt "An Introduction To Laibach / Reproduction Prohibited", folgt dem Soundtrack-Album zur finnischen Nazi-Trash-Komödie "Iron Sky" und der monumentalen und gefeierten Show in Londons Tate Modern mit ihren fulminanten Coverversionen von Künstlern wie Bob Dylan, The Beatles, The Normal, DAF, Europe und vielen mehr!
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Label's catalogue number:CDMUTEL23
1.Warme Lederhaut (Cover Of The Normal's Warm Leatherette)
2.Ballad Of A Thin Man (Cover Of Bob Dylan)
3.Germania (Version Of German National Anthem From The Album Volk)
4.Anglia (Version Of British National Anthem From The Album Volk)
5.Mama Leone (Originally Recorded By Schlager Legend Drafi Deutscher)
6.B Mashina (Remixed Version Featured On Iron Sky OST)
7.Bruderschaft (Laibach Composition From Trans Slovenia Express Vol. 2)
8.God Is God (By Juno Reactor Originally Inspired By Life Is Life)
9.Final Countdown (Classic Laibach Cover Originally Recorded By Europe)
10.Alle Gegen Alle (Originally Recorded By Labelmates DAF)
11.Across The Universe (Originally Recorded By The Beatles)
12.Get Back (Originally Recorded By The Beatles)
13.Leben Heisst Leben (Cover Of Opus' Live Is Life From Opus Dei)
14.Geburt Einer Nation (Cover Of Queen's One Vision From Opus Dei 1987)
15.Opus Die (Cover Of Opus' Live Is Life)